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The location of the proposed plant is at village Kunja, HP has number of advantages like:

Land: Concerned land is situated at Village Kunja Paonta Sahib, (HP) and has measures 4.5 bighas which is situated at very good location and fulfills all the norms of state industrial board.

Building: The building is constructed to permit production of drug under hygienic and aseptic conditions. It confirms to the condition laid down in the factories act 1948 (63 of 1948). It also complies with the conditions laid down in the Schedule M of the drugs and cosmetic rules 1945. There is adequate supply of water suitable for manufacturing of drugs.There is suitable working space and storage area. Proper lighting, ventilation, controlled environment for temperature and humidity and underground drainage system is provided. The sanitary fittings and electrical fittings are concealed and ventilation and air inlet points are flushed with the walls.

In all aseptic areas air supply is filtered through bacteria retaining filters and is at high pressure than adjoining areas. All area is precluded with possibilities of mix-up between sterile and non-sterile products.

The disposal of waste water and other residues from laboratory is as per water pollution control regulation. As per the plant layout following are details of each building:

  • Main Production block and wire block
  • Service and technical Zone
  • Administrative Block
  • Quality Control Block

Our Facilities

Our Facilities
Pharma Drugs & Chemicals Unlimited is licensed by the drug controller for the marketing of pharmaceutical products. We have a spacious Go down of for the storage of pharmaceutical products. Where the products have been displayed and kept very properly.

Our Corporate office is also located at SCO 19, Industrial Phase 2 Chandigarh where we have sufficient staff for Billing, Planning, Accounts and Promotion of products .Due to which it's very easy and convenient for our associates to interact. We use to check the quality of the product through some reputed Private labs also. Although all the products get well tested before leaving the factory premises too. Our all the manufacturing units are well equipped with latest manufacturing equipments.

Pharma Drugs & Chemicals Unlimited is also registered at IDR, Drug Today and we are also registered at Google India trade India.

    Warehouse and Packaging

    Warehouse and Packaging

    Our company have an evenly and segregated warehouses spread over in Zirakpur. Our warehouses are divided into two sections for Injections and another for the Tablets & Capsules. To guarantee easy identification by drug authorities, we store our products under proper labels. This makes sure easy delivery of formulations like injections, capsules and tablets. Our warehouses are equipped with the facilities like pest free environment, temperature control and pest free environment. we use high quality material in packing our products like injections, syrups and tablets.

    Contract Manufacturing

    Contract Manufacturing
    Photo Gallery PDC Healthcare leverages it's India cost here together with it's extensive expertise and technology platform after competitive higher quality.

    Our plant is capable of manufacturing Tablets, Capsules (Non Beta Lectum), Oral Liquids and Sachets in the state of art of GMP assay coponent 102% Assay result instead of 100% unlike products of other manufacturers.

    Binding Agents:

    We are using best quality binding agents like PVPK-30 instead of Gelatin which is available at very low cost.


    Many companies may take care of active raw material, but they do not give the required importance to the excipients which is the most important part of any product. In Azithromycin tablets, we are using best quality excipient like Dibasic calcium phosphate & Microcrystalline cellulose powder-102 grade instead of using starch which is available at very low cost.


    We are using highly advanced Polymer based coating material from Instacoat & Colorcon along with highly costlier non aqueous coating material (like Methyline di-hydrochloride & Iso propyl Alcohol) which ensures smooth finish unlike conventional in house coating material with aqueous coating material, and leads to dis-uniformity & improper coating.


    Our Product ensures proper disintegration as per pharmacopoeial standards. As many a times after using the best raw material also, patients do not get the desired results. This may be due to improper disintegration; hence disintegration is one of the very important factors, towards the desired results. For faster disintegration we are using best quality disintegrants like Sodium Loryl Sulpate/ Sodium Starch Glycolate /Cross carmellose sodium, instead of using material like starch which is availableat very low cost. We ensure disintegration time 7 to 8 minutes instead of 20 to 25 minutes unlike products of other manufacturers.

    Active Raw Material:

    Our Products ensure best results, since active raw material used is purchased from best companies. For example, the active raw material used in Azithromycin tablets & Aceclofenac combination tablet are purchased “Pharmson” which is known to be No. 1 company in Azithromycin & Aceclofenac manufacturing. The active raw material used in Paracetamol combination tablet is purchased from “Shree Krishna Pharma” which is known to be No. 1 company in Paracetamol manufacturing. We strongly discourage use of inferior Chinese raw materials, which is available at very low cost.


    Overages play a very vital role in the results of a product. Serratiopeptidase is an enzyme which tends to lose potency (Enzymatic Activity) while storage during its shelf life. Hence, to overcome this potency loss, we are providing 45% overages of Serratiopeptidase to ensure 100% results unlike just 10% overages provided by other manufacturers.


    Dissolution is absorption of drug in the body through blood. In Azithromycin, we are using very costly ingredient that ensures proper dissolution as per pharmacopoeial standards. As many a times after using the best raw material also, patients do not get the desired results. This may be due to improper dissolution hence dissolution is a highly important factor, towards the desired results. As per pharmacopoeial standard, limit is not less than 75% but we are providing dissolution more than 95%.

    Fill Volume:

    Some products are found in the form of their combining molecules e.g. Azithromycin is available as Azithromycin Dihydrate.

    Hence to ensure that patients get 100% pure Azithromycin, the tablet has to be filled with 275 mg of Azithromycin Dihydrate instead of 250 mg as per pharmacopeial requirement.